Thursday, March 22, 2007

Waiting for Something to Happen


I can almost see them. I can certainly feel them.

Standing at their positions, waiting for their cue. Primed ready for action, anxious to be getting on with it.

They're talking amongst themselves, shuffling their feet and smoking cheap cigarettes. They are nervous and impatient despite the feeling that once it all kicks off, things are not going to go well for them. They are still keen to start. Whatever mayhem and destruction awaits them, it must be better than this, standing around, waiting. Or so they think.

They are the characters in my head, waiting for me to start my novel, waiting to explode into life and get things under way. They are impatient and are ready to kick my head in if I don't get on with it.

But, the research must continue . . .

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Three Fillings and The Truth


Research continues at a steady pace. After studying two true crime books and getting a "feel" for my subject matter, I returned to revise one of my plot lines. This proved to be quite satisfying.

While reading the true crime books, I realised that my original plot contained a few errors and misconceptions. My preconceived notions of my subject matter were incorrect. This is why research is important. You may think you know what you are talking about but with a bit of research, you can prove yourself right. Or wrong as the case may be.

Finding out that some aspects of my plot were utter rubbish was not such a bad thing. In fact, incorporating my new found knowledge improved it ten fold; opened up new avenues, new storylines and created more beliveable characters.

Refining your fictional storyline with the aid of your research notes is excellent stuff - your novel starts to take shape, you start to believe in it a bit more, you start to see the characters, hear them talk, fall asleep with them running around in your head (well, I do anyway). The characters and the plot now seem more three dimensional because they have some basis in truth.

It's quite a refreshing experience.

After researching those two books, I returned to my A3 plot and revised it. This was very satisfying. In fact, as I reached the climax (in the plot), I became very excited (not in that way) about the development of my novel thus far. I couldn't wait to start writing.

I have one storyline roughly mapped out from start to finish, albeit with lots of questions to be answered, and I have done some research as noted above. But, no, not yet; I can't start yet. There are still some aspects of the novel that I am completely clueless about - more research needed.

Next on the research list: Location, location, location.

P.S. Saw Pan's Labyrinth (and The Devil's Backbone) last Sunday at the Riverside Studios double bill - excellent stuff - but that's all I'll say as this blog is turning into one steady stream of movie reviews.

P.P.S Had three fillings done today - mouth numb and jaw hurts. Three more next week!