Tuesday, July 31, 2012

eight . . . reading out loud

Read a great bit of advice a few years ago: read your novel out loud.

You find out a lot about your writing when you do this.  Reading it aloud, like I did today with Chapter 3 of my novel, showcases the bits that work and the bits that really suck.  You'd be surprised what a difference a verbal version of your book makes. 

Sure, people don't read novels out loud often (putting aside audio books for now), so why would this help in the rewrite process?  I don't know.  It just does.  It's probably to do with being an objective reader, something that is difficult to do when you have laboured over every word and paragraph of your novel for months or years.  Reading it aloud means the words and the story comes at you from a different direction, allowing you to assess it objectively.

Really helps with dialogue too - very quickly will you notice how dialogue isn't working, either for that character, in the back to back banter of a conversation or just in general terms.  And that's good.  Rather you pick it up now then a reader picks it up later, when its too late.

So that's what I am doing with the fifth draft of my novel: cutting it back and reading it aloud.

Hardest part is finding the time and place to do it.  If there's someone else in the house, it just feels weird.  I get all self conscious and end up not actually listening to what I am saying.  So, you have to be alone - that way you can sing it loud and proud, you can add special effects or crazy accents, you can do whatever you want.

Just don't forget to listen.

seven . . . carrying the weight

Today, I didn't write.  Not a word.  Not even this blog (which I am doing three days from now . . . in the FUTURE).  It was just one of those days - filled with jobs and appointments and weight lifting.

I'm cool with it.  Stressed me out a little bit, but I got over it.  Sometimes, it just doesn't happen.  Of course, that is a poor excuse.  Don't have time?  You make time.  So my bad on this one and I have apologised to myself for dropping the ball.

Missing a writing session creates a weight on your shoulders, especially if you have a deadline to meet or a timetable to keep to, like I do.  One day wasted means one day to catch up; it means you are behind the eight ball.  String too many of those wasted days together and deadlines start to look daunting.

Best thing to do is get right back into it.  Forgive yourself and don't dwell on it.  Because you can make it up.  Missing a day does add a burden to your future working schedule, but as I found out tonight at the ExCel centre in London, us people are capable of carrying a degree of weight around quite successfully, sometimes up to three times our own body weight.

You just have to make sure you are in the right weight category.
Om Yun Chol of Korea takes Gold

Sunday, July 29, 2012

six . . . first event

Went to my first ever event last night - Gymnastics at the North Greenwich Arena - formerly known as The O2 but renamed for advertising reasons.

I really enjoyed it. Not a big follower of the sport but it didn't take long to catch up with the rules, if not the scoring. The ability of the male athletes on each of the apparatus is amazing. Sure there were some falls and missteps but overall, these guys were putting in their best efforts and it paid off.

It came down to the wire for qualification between Spain and Romania and ultimately, due to a few crucial mistakes, they both missed out. USA tops the list, followed by Russia and Great Britain. Rankings count for nought post qualification as the scores are wiped clean for the finals. Looking forward to it!!

Highlight was seeing the oldest gymnast at the Olympics - Iordan Iovtchev - on the Rings. He performed very well, showing superb upper body strength, and qualified for the finals. Inspiring - and that's what the Olympics is all about.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

four . . . the writer rises

Difficult day today. Not necessarily hungover; more in a state of sleep deprivation. Yesterday I had some work drinks and despite good intentions, I was unable to get home at a reasonable hour. Therefore, a day of zero writing.

But I feel I made up for it today. I was tired for sure but after work I headed straight home and worked on the fifth draft for over an hour. Very productive indeed. Happy with my efforts to bounce back from too many San Miguels last night.

I also managed to fit in a movie tonight - Conviction with Hilary Swank and the excellent Sam Rockwell. It was quite a touching movie and worth catching.

Wasn't as good as The Dark Knight Rises though; that movie is awesome. Not as good as The Dark Knight but it goes close - which is saying something. All great performances and a very intriguing story with many many layers. Not often a superhero movie keeps me thinking long after - but this one certainly does. Go see it.

And tomorrow - the Olympics Begin! See what I kinda did there? Probably not. Fair play.

three. . . too drunk to write

It happens sometimes. Onwards and upwards.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

two . . . every little bit helps

I'm watching The Dark Knight Rises tonight at Leicester Square Odeon and am looking forward to it big time!  If it's half as good as The Dark Knight, I will be well entertained.  And for a good three hours.

Yep, it's a long movie and will finish around 11pm.  When I went to bed last night, I thought about the day ahead and when I could fit in some writing.  I was well tired post South Africa and Harrogate and stayed up late so I could hear about the Dingo's Olympic Ceremony technical rehearsal experience.  So, an early start was going to be difficult.  And, due to the movie's long running time, after work was out of the question.

My thought process was to try and sit down in front of the computer before work and do something - even if it was only 15 minutes.  And that is what I did.

You might say 15 minutes isn't much and I'd agree.  But its better than nothing.  If I'd spent fifteen minutes on all of those days I did nothing, my novel would be finished by now.  Big lesson in that.

Anyway, I've opened up that Word document today and that's making it much easier for me to enjoy tonight.  All I have to hope for is a good movie, enjoyable popcorn, and no talking!!!

And a moment's thought for those who lost their lives in Colorado.

Monday, July 23, 2012

one . . . what's first?

Three hundred and sixty five days.

A year to hit my straps and send forth my debut novel into the world of published books.

Seems like a long time, one year.  Think about the twelve months and you can no doubt rattle out a lot of achievements, a lot of events: travel to new countries, meeting new friends, challenges at work, food cooked and eaten, movies and TV shows watched, books read, life lived.

A year is a long time, but it can move quickly.  It can pass you by and if you don't have a game plan, before you know it, you're travelling back from Harrogate thinking, why aren't I published yet?  Why am I still working on the same book as last year?

So: the game plan:

Finish the 5th draft.
Tidy up research points.
Give to my chief in-house editor to read.
Send to select few to read and review.
Finalise with one last read through.
Send to the two agents who were interested in my novel back in the glory days of Dragons Pen at Harrogate (many moons ago).
Keep sending to agents until someone signs me up.
Work with agent to make the novel the best it can be.
Obtain publisher and agree a publishing date.

Looking back at that list, 365 days does not sound like a lot at all.

But things move quickly when you have a game plan.  A game plan and zero tolerance for excuses.

Time to begin.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

At the risk of repeating myself ...

My word. The last time I posted on this blog was exactly a year ago. Time flies etc.

It was the same day as the last day of Harrogate 2011 and I was full of inspiration to get cracking on my novel. To get it done.

One year later, on the last day of Harrogate 2012 (!), I'm in the same place again - revved up to finish my novel once and for all.

How depressing.

Sure, I've made a lot of progress with the completion of my fourth draft - but still, it's scary that another 365 days have gone by and the book isn't out there in the hands of agents and publishers.

What's going on here is a lack of consistency. I've mentioned it many times: the best way to write a novel is to write. And that isn't happening at the moment.

This blog is an example of that inconsistency. Many promises of regular updates of experiences and achievements. And I've haven't posted a blog entry since 365 days ago.

So - shall I give up? Hell no!

Instead, I'm going to stick to my guns and finish this sucker off. I'm going to reach new heights. I'm going to town.

365 days from now, my novel is not only going to be in the hands of agents and publishers, but i am going to have a dedicated agent and this behemoth of a novel will be published.

Positive thinking. Set the goal. Stick at it every day. Realise the dream through hard work and determination.

I was going to rename this blog The Final Countdown but have decided not to for obvious reasons. But it is a good title. 365 days, counting down, to publication. Potentially the final push towards becoming an author.

So: See you tomorrow for Day One.

P.s. Harrogate was once again an amazing experience - inspiring, intimidating, encouraging, humorous, and a great place to meet friends - old and new.

See you next year guys!!