Monday, November 15, 2010


For all those NaNoWriMo writers that find themselves a little bit behind the eight ball at the beginning of this week, I sympathise. I have a deadline - 23 November to be exact - and what I have to attempt to achieve between now and then looks like Lilian Parade used to look like every day after school back in the nineties - one bloody steep hill. Actually, it still is a bloody steep hill.

But it has to be done and it will be done. Having a short term deadline is quite liberating in a way, makes you focus on the task at hand. There's no room for - "I'll do it tomorrow." Nope. It has to be done today, has to be done tonight.

I won't be doing much else other than work and writing for the next week and a bit, all in an attempt to get something worth reading to my in-house editor.

Shame I'll miss all this lovely weather.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

my National Novel Writing Month

It's November (again?!) and that can only mean one thing - NaNoWriMo!!! Or for those not in the know - National Novel Writing Month. This is the month when everyone in the whole world sits down and tries to write 50,000 words of a brand new novel in one month. Well, everyone who wants to anyway.

I performed this mean task back in 2008 to much success and I thoroughly recommend it to any budding or established writer out there. It's fun too - in retrospect.

I don't know too many people doing it this year, but I do know that my friend Heidi is giving it a crack - so best of luck Heidi!!! And good luck to everyone else too!

As for me, despite the title of this post, no, I am not involved in NaNo this year. However, my November will be filled with writing and novels as well - just not on a national scale.

What's up then? Tell me more.

Well, this month, I will be working my guts out to complete a draft of my novel for my in-house editor by November 23. I have decided that she needs to read it, even if I am only 80-90% happy with it. It's about time someone other than me read this monstrosity!!! And a monster it is too. So fingers crossed on that one.

On non-related news, I still plan to add my Ibiza diaries to the webisphere - currently waiting on Day 6 - but it looks like they will form part of a whole new project that I will release shortly.

Can't keep up writing one blog? Why not try two?!