Friday, January 12, 2007

And It Begins!!

Ominously, I typed up this blog last Friday, but it would not "publish". Not that I'm superstitious or anything. (whimper)


A momentous day like today deserves more blog time, but unfortunately I'm running late for some panto.

Today was momentous because today I began my novel. With teeth gritted and buttocks clenched, I arose from bed this morning as the alarm went off and without pause, discarded my misgivings and fears, and headed for my desk and computer.

There was no fanfare or cutting of the ribbon; I just sat down, turned my computer on and let the fingers do the talking.

I was pretty excited though.

First, I came up with a provisional title for my novel. Every novel should have a title from the very beginning - it gives it an identity. I mean, after all, this is my baby and you can't have a baby without naming it. I'll change its name by deed poll later on - the natural course in the life of a novel.

Next, I wrote up a very brief synopsis. This is handy so as to keep the "thrust" (panto style) of the novel in focus. Of course, this can change too, as the novel evolves.

I must say it was fun writing the synopsis: it was like drafting up the blurb that may appear on the final product – very exciting indeed.

So I’ve started; I’ve broken the seal. Now let the words come flooding out.

Oh, I suppose you would like to know what the provisional title of the novel is. Okay, fair enough. It’s – oh damn, look at the time – I’m late for panto!!!

(sniggers off into the distance).

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