Monday, May 14, 2007

On Assignment


The moment has arrived where I can finally get cracking on with writing my novel. Well almost.

Way back when I started planning and researching, I knew that one of my writing course assignments required a 750 word synopsis and four character profiles. I incorporated this assignment into my approach, hoping for expert advice and feedback from my tutor on the synopsis for my first novel. It was an opportunity not to be missed.

And now that time has come, and over the next few weeks, I will be focusing on that particular assignment.

I will be looking forward to reading any feedback my tutor will have on the synopsis, hoping that she will provide tips on improving the novel's content and give me a little more confidence in the story and my ability to write it.

It won't be my only chance to receive feedback mind you, I also have something else in the pipeline which will also definitely help me and which I am extremely excited about; more on that later.

Looking ahead, once my assignment is submitted, I will commence writing the FIRST CHAPTER! How exciting! It seems like it has been ages since the germ of an idea formed in my head for this novel (in fact, it was July last year!), so to finally be at the point of starting it, is both exciting and scary.

And things are always changing.

In a major revelation, I have decided that a detailed plot line / synopsis is required. Originally,
if you recall, I was going for a hybrid of approaches: mapping out the majority of the plot but leaving enough holes (and in particular, one big chasm called The Ending) unfilled to keep the writing fresh and exciting for me.

But reading through my notes again, I happened across a bit of advice from George Pelecanos: "For your first novel, remove all obstacles". Not having any idea of the ending to my novel comes under "Obstacles" in my opinion, so I plan to deal with that. Of course, the ending can always change (like everything else) but I think it will be beneficial to have something in place, albeit temporary.

So, the end of the planning and researching is upon me; all that is left is two to three weeks worth of synopses and character development for my assignment.

Then on to Chapter One.


Read: Lazybones by Mark Billingham
Watched: Dead Man's Shoes by Shane Meadows
Heard: Black Holes and Revelations by Muse

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