Friday, August 06, 2010

richard price to pen new series with new name

Richard Price, author of Clockers and Lush Life, will be writing a new crime series under a new name - Jay Morris. Not entirely sure the reason for the name change, but if it means Mr Price will be producing more books, more regularly, I'm all for it.

The books will be pure crime as opposed to the "literary novels with a crime theme" that he has been writing thus far. I've only read Clockers and my opinion is that it is a pure crime novel, and a very good one at that, but I'm not interested in debating about that. What I am interested in is to see how the Jay Morris books turn out. Hopefully not too much of a departure from the Richard Price novels.

Richard Price became one of my favourite authors (see right) and I must admit, that was purely off the back of him working on The Wire. For an author to become one of my favourites, I need to be impressed by more than just one novel. In Richard Price's case, that rule went out the window. I dubbed him a favourite after reading not one novel or two, but none. Yes, he became a favourite before I read anything he had written. Stupid, yeah? But his work on The Wire and his association with George Pelecanos and David Simon pretty much sold me. Then I read Clockers and was proven right. By a long stretch. Richard Price is gold.

Read about the new pen name here - Google news.

Information obtained via Sarah Weinman.

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