Friday, November 09, 2012

110 . . . house proud

At the start of last week, Dingo and I were looking to move. Not back to Oz (sorry Mum), but from our apartment.

Issues with the guys in the flat directly above us - early Monday morning romps depriving us of our sleep - have been going on for some time now, severely affecting our wellbeing. We were at the point where moving out felt like our only option.

We were dead serious, to the point of attending a viewing and sitting down with our mortgage broker. But it took less than 24 hours for us to conclude that this was not what we want. We love where we live, everything about it, everything we have done to the flat to make it our own. Christ, how could we abandon Club SF? That bar rocks.

So instead of moving, we are determined to make it work by looking into other options to deal with our inconsiderate neighbours (yes, weapons are involved).

If there was any shadow of a doubt about staying put, last Saturday night's shindig put the debate to rest.  We had a large group of our friends over for pies and beers before heading to The Oval to watch a game of Aussie Rules footy.  The Oval is about a five minute walk from our place, or a twenty minute stumble on the return, as we found out.  Great game - close one - shame I can't remember watching half of it and I was in the toilet when the winning goal was scored.

Almost all our friends returned from The Oval to our pad and we opened Club SF and the good times rolled on into the wee hours, fuelled by a lovely Thai curry, cocktails galore, and a danceathon to end all danceathons.  After a big clean up, the place returned to its former self - our home - and we sat on the sofa thinking, Hell no, we won't go.

Can't leave London (again, sorry Mum).  Love this city.  We had the pleasure of watching Skyfall (new Bond movie) in a lovely private cinema just off the banks of The Thames in Pimlico.  Movie was awesome, but so was the night - free glass of champagne, free martini (of course) and a lovely dinner at Altitude, a restaurant on top of Millbank Towers giving an amazing 360 degree view of London at night, coloured by pre-Guy Fawkes fireworks.

Oh and before that - a speedboat ride along The Thames:

The big tower in the vid is a five minute walk from us in Vauxhall - and further along is MI5 (James Bond's place of work).  We jetted further east with great views of the London Eye, Houses of Parliament, and my favourite, Big Ben.  Only a four minute ride, but it was a brilliant.

Love London!!!  Love our home!!! Love Mum too!!!

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