Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Early Morning Plotting Followed By An Unoriginal Idea

About three months ago, in the early hours of a working day morning, I came up with an idea for my very first novel. Actually, the idea had been festering around in my mind ever since I attended the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival and George Pelecanos uttered some words of advice to the would-be writers in the audience (me being one of them).

On this morning, however, I gave the idea some weight, gave it a bit of life. A plot started to form while I was in bed, trying to get back to sleep, the pain in my back causing me no end of grief. The plot grew, pulled me out of bed, got me writing some notes. When it was time to get ready for work, I had mapped out at least the first 100 pages or so. I wasn't 100% sure how its going to end, but I was still super excited. This was going to be the best book ever; my first attempt at writing a novel was going to kick ace.

I was suddenly overwhelmed with visions of grandeur - a three book publishing deal; copies of my novel piling up in my room, ready to hand out to family and friends; enough cash and royalties to allow me to give up my day job.

A dream come true.

If all these things come to fruition, what a ride it will be!

Another idea then struck me; wouldn't it be interesting to document this ride, to give people an insight into how a published novelist is formed, how much hard work and heartache goes into it; what the actual process is from idea to published novel. Document the highs and lows if you will.

Of course, I'm not so arrogant to think I know anything about this process (cause I don't) and I'm not so sure of myself to think that anything I write is worth publishing - but, my thinking is that to diarise my process will give me direction and focus, give me something to look back on and learn from, give my friends and family (and anyone else along for the ride) something interesting to read and force me to write at least something on a regular basis.

What a great idea!

After a quick peruse of the internet, I came to the realisation that this was not an original idea. About ten thousand other would be writers, first time writers and successful writers are already doing this blog thing, and no doubt doing it a lot better, wittier and funnier than what I'm capable of.

All I'll probably achieve is to showcase my lack of talent and turn potential readers away in droves.

Actually, I shouldnt worry too much about that; no one's probably reading this blog anyway.

I wonder if I've set the tone a little to . . . um . . . pessimistic?

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