Thursday, October 26, 2006

Three Months Later . . .

So, three months ago, I had a plotwave and managed to write a few pages of notes for my very first novel (which, of course, will be an instant hit (trying to create some positive vibes here)). I also decided to document my progress on the internet.

So what has progressed since?

To summarise: not much. (Damn, those vibes didn't last long).

Exhibit A - I've only just started the Blog.
Exhibit B - I haven't progressed any further on from those handful of notes.
Exhibit C - I'm a lazy git.

Well C is a bit harsh. I'm not super lazy; it's more of a commitment issue. I mean, I don't have to write a novel, no one is going to die if I don't, no boss is going to chew me out (an American saying with amusing connotations) - it's not life or death. So when it comes to deciding between getting up at 6.00am every weekday or sleeping in, spending a couple of hours at the computer writing or playing EA Cricket, or any other number of crossroad decisions, ultimately, the Uncommitted Sloth wins out.

But that type of attitude and way of thinking gets nothing done. I should be more positive, more determined - I mean, this has been my ultimate dream / goal in life for a long time: become a full time writer. And the first step towards that goal is writing my first novel. It's worth the effort, worth an attempt, even if the result is not assured. No regrets (Steve Waugh style).

Right, it's settled - I'm going to give this novel writing malarky a red hot go! I'm going to give it my best!

Come on!! (Lleyton style).

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