Tuesday, October 31, 2006

C - Day

The 13th of November, 2006, is C-Day.

C-Day is Commitment Day: the first day of my commitment to produce my very first novel. This is a commitment to myself (and to a lesser degree to my long suffering Jingo) to put in the necessary hours and work to take that first step towards my dream.

Everyone has dreams and a lot of those dreams are acheivable - it just takes commitment.

So C-Day is where I take the first step on the path to fulfililng my dream of becoming a full time author.

Why the 13th? I hear you ask enthusiastically. Well, between now and then I have a little run through a smallish city to attend to - yep, the New York Marathon. The last few weeks have seen zero output on the writing front, mainly because of this huge event. Very hard to focus on day to day writing when I know I will be running 42 clicks through an unknown city in a few days time. Very excited about it though! Can't wait (and I mean it)!

So the 13th, being my first day back at work after New York (New York), is C-Day, where it all begins.

Look out for it, celebrate it, enjoy it - but whatever you do, commit to it!! Hoo Haa!

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