Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kick In The Guts

It didn't take long for the wheels to fall off. I'd only just started (C-Day was only two days ago) and I've hit my first big hurdle.

As you recall, Goal 1 was to complete at least 14 hours of writing / writing related activities every week for at least the next three months. My plan was to meet this reasonably achievable target by doing 2 hours a day, first thing in the morning before coming into work. If I get up in time, I am almost 100% guaranteed not to have any disruptions or feel tired / depressed in any way during those 2 hours. If my calculator is working correctly, this equals effective and efficient writing.

To facilitate this, I asked my boss whether I could regularly start my working day at 9.30am. I was under the misunderstanding that our company's "core" hours every day were 9.30 to 4 and that this alteration in working times would be no problem at all, thank you very much.

Wrong answer, Sonny Jim. Core hours start at 9am, not 930am. So that blew a big hole in my carefully laid out plans. It means, unless I get up at the sound of little birdies flatulating, I can only do 90 minutes in the morning, leaving half an hour hanging over like a dry dag on a sheep's bum.

Do I get up earlier? Do I go to work earlier, leave earlier and do 2 hours each afternoon? Do I come in at 930am anyway?

These are the dilemmas in my life. Not exactly exciting stuff (I can't see any plot lines for the next 24 season anywhere around here), but stuff nonetheless.

What would Jack Bauer do?

P.S. Does anyone like this new font? It happened accidentally, but I like it. Small things . . .

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