Monday, November 13, 2006

No Alarms on C-Day

My Polar watch let me down this morning.

It was C-Day today, the first day in my renewed commitment to complete my very first novel (and hopefully get it published).

The plan was to get up early and squeeze out an hour of writing before heading off to my Advanced Excel course in Holborn. Unfortunately, my Polar watch was off with the fairies (still recovering from its own jet lag presumably) and the carefully prepared alarm did not go off. So instead of waking at 7am, I awoke an hour later - not enough time to scratch myself let alone churn out some much needed writing.

I managed to salvage some of the day's writing however, by coming home early after my course finished (I now know how to do cell validation, macros and the like - yipee!) and sitting down to approx 1 hour and 15 minutes of intense literary perfection. 45 minutes short of my goal but not too bad.

Yes, my goal is to write 2 hours a day - but more on that tomorrow. I've just created a pivot table which informs me the chicken is being overcooked, so I better get naked and get cookin'.

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