Sunday, November 12, 2006

Jet Lag Blogging

Tired. So tired.

The Jingo and I flew in on the Red Eye this morning from New York City. Left The Big Apple at 6:55 pm, arrived in The Big Apple Core at 6:30 am with not one second of sleep. This is actually my second attempt at this blog, the first found me nodding off and drooling on the keyboard.

After a quick four hour sleep, I feel a bit better, but still tired. So tired.

So C-Day starts tomorrow and there wont be a bigger test of my commitment than attempting to wake up early with a severe bout of jet lag. On the plus side, I expertly scheduled an Advanced Excel course for my first day back at work - starts at 945, finishes at 5 - perfect. Should be able to squeeze in two hours in.

So we know what C-Day is about: my commitment to complete my first novel. But what does it entail? Over the next few days, I will be setting out the structure of this commitment, how I will go about fulfilling my goals, my planned writing schedule and an explanation about the double edged sword that's been hanging over my head these past four years.

I can't wait to get started. First thing on the list: sleep for 15 hours.


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