Wednesday, September 30, 2009

cheese that resonates

I recieved an email today, one of those emails I hate. You know the ones: sent by a well meaning person, filled with cute cuddly cats doing kwazy things or heart warming phrases about positive thinking, loving one another, etc, etc. They usually end with a plea to forward the email on, to spread the uplifting vibes, and to feel good about yourself for doing so.

These emails make me wince and/or gag. They are supposed to be uplifting but, to me, they reek like Saint Albray if not sealed in a plastic container. They clog up your inbox with happy, smiley dribble, tinged with a sense of falsity. Punching the delete button is my usual response.

Not today. This one made me pause. This one didn't make me wince or gag. This one didn't smell.

This one makes me think about all those mornings, in recent times, when the alarm has gone off and I've ignored it, turning back over for more sleep, more dreaming. Dreaming instead of getting up and putting in an hour's work chasing those dreams.

This one I'll remember.

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