Wednesday, September 23, 2009

dexter deliciously disturbing

Dark humour, multi-faceted characters, edge of the seat storylines, murder, and blood, blood, blood.

Dexter (Season 1) is a delight for fans of crime shows that don't pull punches, that don't dumb down plot lines, that offer up something new and original. It's not for the faint-hearted, it's not for those who yearn for completeness, it's not politically correct - but it's dark and disturbing, brash and bold, cool and complicated, tongue in cheek - and most of it's down to our main man, Dexter.

Michael C. Hall brings forth a complicated and original character - a killer of serial killers - a murderer with a code, who battles with living a 'normal' life - a life of relationships, co-worker conflict, issues with family, and buckets and buckets of blood.

Nothing sums up the show better than the final scenes - betrayal, murder, tears, confetti, streamers and large placards: "We love you Dexter!"

Highly recommended. Season 2 box set on order.

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