Tuesday, September 01, 2009

not far canard

Just back from five glorious days in the French countryside based in a little town where my friends Tam and Franck live, near Saint Gery. They were the perfect hosts, serving up unbelievable regional meals on the Aussie barbeque, taking us on enjoyable activities such as kayaking on The Lot, and creating a truly relaxing experience - sun, sleep, eating and drinking. They made it super easy to enjoy the holiday - thanks guys!

As well as the memories, I brought back three packages of the lush Saint Albray cheese, a jar of Maistres Occitans foie gras de canard, and a big tin of duck. A 1.3kg tin of duck.


Kathy Jackson said...

Saint Albray is consistently voted the number one cheese of death row.

Daryl said...

I believe it! In fact, most of Tam's meals were of "death row" quality.

Tamasin Kenzie said...

ha! you wait until we inflict raclette on you :-)