Thursday, July 26, 2012

four . . . the writer rises

Difficult day today. Not necessarily hungover; more in a state of sleep deprivation. Yesterday I had some work drinks and despite good intentions, I was unable to get home at a reasonable hour. Therefore, a day of zero writing.

But I feel I made up for it today. I was tired for sure but after work I headed straight home and worked on the fifth draft for over an hour. Very productive indeed. Happy with my efforts to bounce back from too many San Miguels last night.

I also managed to fit in a movie tonight - Conviction with Hilary Swank and the excellent Sam Rockwell. It was quite a touching movie and worth catching.

Wasn't as good as The Dark Knight Rises though; that movie is awesome. Not as good as The Dark Knight but it goes close - which is saying something. All great performances and a very intriguing story with many many layers. Not often a superhero movie keeps me thinking long after - but this one certainly does. Go see it.

And tomorrow - the Olympics Begin! See what I kinda did there? Probably not. Fair play.

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