Sunday, July 22, 2012

At the risk of repeating myself ...

My word. The last time I posted on this blog was exactly a year ago. Time flies etc.

It was the same day as the last day of Harrogate 2011 and I was full of inspiration to get cracking on my novel. To get it done.

One year later, on the last day of Harrogate 2012 (!), I'm in the same place again - revved up to finish my novel once and for all.

How depressing.

Sure, I've made a lot of progress with the completion of my fourth draft - but still, it's scary that another 365 days have gone by and the book isn't out there in the hands of agents and publishers.

What's going on here is a lack of consistency. I've mentioned it many times: the best way to write a novel is to write. And that isn't happening at the moment.

This blog is an example of that inconsistency. Many promises of regular updates of experiences and achievements. And I've haven't posted a blog entry since 365 days ago.

So - shall I give up? Hell no!

Instead, I'm going to stick to my guns and finish this sucker off. I'm going to reach new heights. I'm going to town.

365 days from now, my novel is not only going to be in the hands of agents and publishers, but i am going to have a dedicated agent and this behemoth of a novel will be published.

Positive thinking. Set the goal. Stick at it every day. Realise the dream through hard work and determination.

I was going to rename this blog The Final Countdown but have decided not to for obvious reasons. But it is a good title. 365 days, counting down, to publication. Potentially the final push towards becoming an author.

So: See you tomorrow for Day One.

P.s. Harrogate was once again an amazing experience - inspiring, intimidating, encouraging, humorous, and a great place to meet friends - old and new.

See you next year guys!!

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