Tuesday, July 24, 2012

two . . . every little bit helps

I'm watching The Dark Knight Rises tonight at Leicester Square Odeon and am looking forward to it big time!  If it's half as good as The Dark Knight, I will be well entertained.  And for a good three hours.

Yep, it's a long movie and will finish around 11pm.  When I went to bed last night, I thought about the day ahead and when I could fit in some writing.  I was well tired post South Africa and Harrogate and stayed up late so I could hear about the Dingo's Olympic Ceremony technical rehearsal experience.  So, an early start was going to be difficult.  And, due to the movie's long running time, after work was out of the question.

My thought process was to try and sit down in front of the computer before work and do something - even if it was only 15 minutes.  And that is what I did.

You might say 15 minutes isn't much and I'd agree.  But its better than nothing.  If I'd spent fifteen minutes on all of those days I did nothing, my novel would be finished by now.  Big lesson in that.

Anyway, I've opened up that Word document today and that's making it much easier for me to enjoy tonight.  All I have to hope for is a good movie, enjoyable popcorn, and no talking!!!

And a moment's thought for those who lost their lives in Colorado.

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